Eagle Scout

Engineer, DoD Contractor

NOT a Career Politician

Your “Representative”


Anthony Sizer’s Candidate Statement:

• Arizona Resident for 12 Years
• Invested in Our Children’s Future
• Proven Leadership (Eagle Scout, Engineering, Church, Constitutional Rights Advocate)
• Driven by Strong Ethics, Integrity, Accountability
• Solid Career in Engineering, providing workable solutions to complex issues
• State and Local Community involvement through Volunteering

Anthony Sizer is proud to be an American Citizen as he had lived in a third world nation without the American Freedom and the American Constitutional Rights. Anthony Sizer lived in the country of India as an orphan in the city of Bangalore in which he belonged to no cast, with no opportunity afforded to him as afforded to him here in the United States of America! Anthony Sizer was naturalized adopted in 1985 and was raised by parents named Dean and Kathleen Sizer near the small rural town of Granger, Washington in the Yakima Valley.  Anthony Sizer learned the importance of hard-work and personal responsibility from his father and mother. His mother(CPA for 35 years) taught him about financial responsibilities and his father taught him about hard-work in the agriculture industry.

Anthony Sizer respects the American Dream and the American Pride for our country!  Anthony will NOT “take a knee” dishonoring our flag as that would be the same as disrespecting his loving parents who adopted him and gave him a life with opportunities that included earning the rank of Eagle Scout, attending college and a Degree in Electrical Engineering, working on advanced research projects for Lockheed Skunk Works and current DoD Contractor and the opportunity to run for political office.

Anthony Sizer is a Republican because he experienced and observed the negative impacts against his father’s hard work in Eastern Washington, seeing how policies and regulations of “The Great State of Seattle”(West Side of Cascades) negatively impacted his father and negatively impact many other hardworking farmers and ranchers of eastern Washington.

Anthony Sizer’s moral view is best described as the conduct, faith and conviction of Daniel as read in the Book of Daniel.

Anthony Sizer is passionate about accountability and integrity expectations of our elected officials who are entrusted with the government power.

Anthony Sizer believes those elected are to conduct themselves as “Elected Representatives” not as “Elected Officials”.

Anthony Sizer has the desire to have state rules and policies that aim to promote education of our children so that our children are truly educated and empowered to be successful as they exit our public school system.

Anthony Sizer would like to correct policies, regulations, and rules that have historically been misused through lack of oversight and has allowed harm to our children and erosion of parental rights in various family court cases and CPS cases.

Anthony Sizer is a proud American and is concerned that the American dream is slipping away as the left wing and socialists have usurped their way into government power positions.

As a state lawmaker, Anthony Sizer would like to ensure our Constitution is honored in all areas of our government and powers are not abused or usurped.

Anthony Sizer’s Community and State Volunteer Activities:
• Board of Directors, Arizona Children’s Association
• Pima County Republican Party Executive Member At-Large
• Precinct Committeeman
• Legislative District 14, 2nd Vice Chairman
• Scout Day Lead Instructor, Space Exploration Merit Badge
• Church Finance Ministry Leader
• Active in Judicial Accountability in keeping children safe

Anthony Sizer’s Accomplishments:
• Proud father of 11 year old daughter
• Eagle Scout
• Fathers’ Rights Club President
• Bachelor of Science: Electronics Engineering Technology
• 18 years in the engineering profession

All of that which is described here are non political as this one single image of Anthony Sizer’s family explains why Anthony Sizer supports adoption, quality education, Pro-Life and the expectation of hard work and personal responsibility!


  • Diversity
  • Pro-life
  • Respect for our American Flag
  • Honor Our Constitution (Freedom and the American Dream)
  • Christian values




Leading Scout Day Merit Badge Class in Feb of 2016.







Annual Scout Day Space Exploration Merit Badge Instructor

(500 Boys and Girls Scouts attend STEM Merit Badge Classes each year @ Raytheon)


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